We Have to Get Out of Here


Wrapped up on the couch in a warm woolen blanket, silently scrolling through my phone, and growing more restless by the minute, I sighed dramatically and looked to my best friend, Erin Harrington, who seemed to be contentedly thumbing her way through yet another novel.

I rolled my eyes playfully at her before glancing around the room to see if the boys had finally made it back from their hunt. I sat up on the couch, the blanket I had been wrapped up in falling from my shoulders into my lap. I could hear absolutely nothing stirring from anywhere within the bunker, especially not the easily recognizable sound of the main metal door squealing open and sealing shut. I sighed once again and turned my attention to the room around me.

Steel walls. Gray furniture. No windows or sunlight. It was growing far too suffocating for me to be trapped in this dull metal cage for days on end.

"Erin, we /have/ to get out of here," I said a tad too dramatically. "James promised the both of us that he would take us all out out after him and Adam wrapped up this little ghost hunt of theirs" I glanced at Erin who was still completely absorbed in some book she had found."Erin! Did you hear me?"

. . .


"Adam! Quick! Get the fire starter!" I yelled at my little brother who was moving much more slowly than he should of been-- at least in this scenario.

The ghosts we had been hunting had proven to be a tiny bit more challenging than we had anticipated, and, well, long story short, this hunt was proving to be hell.

The ghosts of Elvira and Fred Stephenson-- a squabbling married couple even in the afterlife-- had been tormenting the newest residents of their old home. The funny thing was they didn't even realize they had been dead for decades. You can imagine how well it went when Adam and I told them the sorrowful news, and, well, now we have a couple of baby poltergeists on our hands who were angry at the world and at each other.

Yeah, fun stuff.

Fast forward to Adam and I having our asses handed to us and now I'm standing in a six foot grave trying to put these bastards out of their misery once and for all, and Adam is taking his sweet time getting me the supplies I need.

"Adam! Come on, man. We /have/ to get out of here!"

It was then that old Elvira and Fred decided to pop in, and I'm guessing it wasn't just to chat.