The Paper that Started It All
August 01, 20XX

Grindelwald's Curse on Ilvermorny

MACUSA Aurors found evidence on their latest case that suggests that Grindelwald, a dark wizard from Britain that attacked officials in the 1920s, cursed Ilvermorny! The when and where are unknown but MACUSA assures the wizarding people that they have assigned their best Aurors on the case.

Though the evidence doesn't say how or why, many parents are wondering if they should even allow their children to attend the prestigious school or send them to other schools instead. Some even consider homeschooling their children. However, many children want to attend Ilvermorny anyway, saying that they don't want to go anywhere else.

What this curse is, no one knows for sure, only that misfortune will befall any students that go there. What form the misfortune takes is unknown, only that parents are telling their children to be extra careful this year.

New Evil on the Lose

It seems that the Wizarding Wars in England has inspired a new witch or wizard into attempting a world take over. But this time, they are starting here in the United States. Panic took over at the last Quodpot game when a young wizard performed under-aged magic by accident, causing many injuries as fears of a new Dark Wizard filled them.

Many prominent wizards have gone missing with few returning alive or at all. Who will become the next Harry Potter? MACUSA assures the wizarding community that there is no new Harry Potter. Only a need to calm down and stop blowing things out of proportion. President Quahog stated that "We have no evidence of any Dark Wizard involved in the [missing] persons cases. For all we know, they just left without a word." But many are quick to point out that the Evil Wizard responsible for the attacks on Harry Potter seemed to appear out of no where to a great deal of people.

Until more news is brought forth to determine one way or another, this reporter suggests carrying you wand with you at all times and to never go out alone until the missing have been returned.

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