Rule #1: Have a plan to kill everyone at the table

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Molly leaned back in her chair and appeared to relax.

“…and so direct too…I like that,” Molly said to Kabuum with a smile and an easy tone. She placed her arms over her head and stretched, pulling the black and purple Kevlar one-piece racing suit piece even tighter against her dancer’s body, and briefly revealing the butt of a Colt L36 in a shoulder holster under her racing jacket. Of course what couldn’t be seen was the small arsenal of knives Molly kept on her body. Or the forearm guards concealed under the sleeves of her racing suit. Or the densaplast in the tips of her motorcycle boots and in her knee sliders if things went hand-to-hand. Or the form fitting body armor if the meet went totally south.

Molly always carried a pistol for meets like this, but it was usually more for show than an actual weapon option. Molly wasn’t the fastest or best with a pistol, and anyone with decent wired reflexes and a smart link could easily beat her to the draw. But blades were a totally different game.

The stretch, on the other hand, was a calculated move to see who might be physically interested in her. Molly may be a “pointy-eared dandelion eater” to some, but she was very attractive to many others. It was all an act of course, a part of the “runner game.” Underneath, Molly was a cool professional, and doing her best to figure out how to kill or incapacitate everybody else at the table. Her father had once quoted her a famous saying from US Marine General James Mattis, “Be polite and respectful, but have a plan to kill everyone in the room.” And since complete trust was a rare thing in this business, it was a rule she lived by.

Finishing her stretch, Molly leaned forward a bit, placing her left hand on the table, while positioning right hand on the seat of her chair, within easy reach of the Cougar Fineblade fighting knife in its back sheath.

“I guess since I got here last, I’ll go first,” Molly said in a more business-like tone. “You can call me Molly, or Molly Rose if you want to get more formal. I’m what you call an Elf ninja, though I’m more partial to blades than sneaking around.” She paused, waiting for the next contestant to speak up.

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