The Proposition

(Sorry for the delay all, work and xmas got me all distracted. Things should go better now)
Mr Johnson scanned those gathered around the little table. Pocketing Williams offering without a flicker of emotion. Even managing to ignore the Elf stretching in front of him, although you could practically hear the necks snap as others spun to look "subtly".

"Now that we're all here" he said pointedly "You'll want to know what the job is" staring hard eyed at Kabuum after his question. Remembering better days when Runners were more desperate, and paid more attention. Less posturing. He pushed the thought away as he drew some documents from his briefcase.

The documents he drew out were paper. Not some electronic skin, not a hypermodern folding slate but actual paper. Laying out some images before the group. A warehouse complex. Then some schematics. "The job is pretty straightforward". Didn't every pitch start that way. "You go to the address, you find the terminal connected to this pipeline" he taps another picture "and then you switch it off. Simple".

He flicks through somemore pages. "some riots have recently errupted and distracted Lone Star...a happy coincidence so you should have no issues. Payment will be 5000 again after the job is done." He leaves the pictures as he closes the case.

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