What's in the box?

Most jobs come through a fixer of one sort or another. Well connected Runners might even have several fixers for different jobs. Specialist Runners may only have a single extremely well connected fixer for their specific line of work. Sometimes a runner may even meet Mr Johnson directly. The point is this, jobs are passed around by people. Jobs are not passed around by a box arriving on the doorstep. Especially not your doorstep, not when you don't give anyone your real name or your address because you actually want to survive.

However, there it is. A medium size cardboard box sat on the doorstep with your name on it. No other markings. Not even the usual AR popups to give shipping information or delivery. Just a box. At least its not inside right? That would have been worse.

If you decide to open the box you will find a small dataslate, with a credstick hanging off it. The datatslate is old, it must be an early model and yet some one has gone to a great deal of trouble to rig extra parts to it, making it AR compatible but giving it the appearance of an electronic spider. Even the credstick is old, appearing to be one of the first or second generation models. Still accepted but only just. Now you have to decide, having opened the box do you turn on the slate.

The slate purrs slowly to life, flashing a message to indicate the need for an AR overlay viewer. An AR overlay shows an emerging pattern slowly taking shape, until what can only be described as the pulsing shape of a neural pattern appears before you. With a slight hiss and pop of poor audio a halting and robotic voice begins to speak.
"I am...ISO769 the neural pattern...please...standby" and odd vocal cadence of strange pauses and rushed sentences. "Thank you for...activating this unit. I...have...information pertaining to a job...with a considerable..pay...day. Please accepted the attached credstick of....5000 nuyens...upfront...payment." There comes a long pauses as the pattern flashes and pulses, the colour gliding through the spectrum "Please...download the AR guide...from...this unit and...follow it to the meeting place in...three...days...time". The message appears to end there, the unit says nothing more although the projection remains in place. Awaiting your download.

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