OOC - Clarifications

So here is how I see it at the moment:

The three of your are sat at the table with Mr Johnson. No one has been introduced because that's not his problem, he just wants Runners to complete the job and you three are the ones that have been selected/shown up. Once he has job agreement he'll leave you to it, how you choose to introduce yourselves or interact beyond that is up to you. Even if you choose to lie to each other.

The expectation is of course that those present will take the job. You could get up and leave but you might have a sudden and unfortunate accident in the near future if you do that.

It is worth remembering that this is, at it's most basic level, a business transaction. Mr Johnson wants what he can get out of you for as little as possible. He's probably not telling you the whole truth and certainly expects you not to be entirely aboveboard either. But he's not interested in you socially.

Hope that helps.

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