OOC - We're all strangers

None of our characters know each other. Molly and Kabuum are not a 'team' by any stretch.

As Golani (Molly) said if you say you're in then you are a part of the 'team' though note that the definition of team in this instance is 'a number of people willing to do something that has money at the end of it.'
Actually forming bonds, friendships and mutual trust (again, loose terms. Friend roughly translates to 'someone I don't shoot on site' in a Runner's world) this will all come with time as our characters are forced to rely on each other and each proves worthy of that reliance. Or perhaps they aren't reliable. Time will tell.

Are you happy to jump in here with William? Establish what your character is doing, describe his feelings towards the others and feel free to really go into depth with things. The more you put in a post the more we have to work with.

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