First Job with others

William followed Johnson away from the bar counter and towards the table with the slightest hint of a job offer. He pulled up a chair between Mr. Johnson and Molly and slouched a bit with his arms crossed with his cybernetic one on top. He was not happy about working with others, but working alone did have its limitations so he expected to be paid much better this time. He tried to keep a blank and silent expression as he looked at the other people arround the table while listening to Johnson tell them about the mission. When he looked at Molly he frowned and sighed. She made him think of his younger sister who he had started down the path of hacking and thievery to provide for. His thoughts were a mix of sorrow at the fact his sister had recently died and disgust because this female elf made him think that his sister could have become a shadowruner and he had done everything he could to help her keep an honest and honorable life until she fell deathly sick. He probably stared at her longer than he intended dispite the growing frown on his face before his mind returned to the job at hand.

He soon returned his gaze to Mr. Johnson and the paper he displayed. He was surprised that there was real paper and he reached out with his real hand and felt the corner of one of the pages. When the pitch was done William sat up a little in surprise, "5000 to turn it off sounds fishy, Mr. Johnson can you tell us more about the security and anti hacking measures arround the terminal or will we need to scour that out for ourselves?"

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