Kabuum was starting to wonder about the package. Certainly the other two seemed to be enjoying the blissful peace that comes from a lack of irritating AI. Which made him wonder...
What part did that strange AI have to play? Why had it set him on this path?

>Is this part of the deal?_

The humming had stopped. While awaiting an answer Kabuum noticed the look that ChromeGuy was giving Molly. The lingering stare and deepening frown gave the Orc pause.
'Great, these two have history...'

The dwarf was talking again. Photos were pushed across the table and Kabuum took each one to look at. After ChromeGuy had finished fondling them of course. That was when the man spoke for the first time at the meeting.

"Five thousand seems a bit fishy..."

Kabuum held up a hand as ChromeGuy finished his sentence.

"Hold on Rookie." He turned to the Dwarf.
"That is five grand EACH you realise."

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