Negotiation Part 2

Mr Johnson cast an eye over William. Unheard by the rest the AI in Kabuums ear whistled, well made a noise that might be called whistling from a being that has never had vocal chords.

The AI spoke to Kabuum quickly "And I thought you were the worst person I could get stuck offence. He's either a genius or insane!"

Mr Johnson cast a quiet eye over William, his expression unreadable. He hadn't missed the long looked he'd been casting at the elf either. Around them the quiet noises of the bar seemed amplified in the vacuum of silence. But he did wait until Kabuum had finished talking.

"The price is 5000, each" he repeated slowly. "Lone Star are distracted with some local gang trouble and they'll be geeking each other for hours" he threw in a touch of Runner slang. "But maybe you'd prefer 2500 seeing as it is just flicking a switch after all" he growled, the first traces of irritation beginning to show. The first real sign of emotion since he had begun the meeting. Sometimes though you needed to remind the Runners who they were dealing with, or who they thought they might be dealing with anyway. The dwarf tapped his fingers on the table and then pointed to the photos and schematics "there's the job, or there's the door" he finally shrugged. Standing up to indicate that as far as he was concerned the meeting was now over. "Those of you that turn up will have payment delivered on completion".

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