Planning superiority

William was about to argue that he should be paid more for his decker skills, but the negotiation seemed to end so he thought better of it.  He leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms with the cybernetic one on top.  He looked at the elf and orc, "5000 a piece will be nice.  Now I don't know how experienced you two are, but as an experienced decker I can easily turn off the requested terminal.  I assume you are being hired for scouting and protection.  Mr. Jhonson made it sound like we need to do this job soon and quickly while security is distracted.  I propose that one of you scouts ahead for security and the other takes them out as needed.  I will turn off the terminal and we will all meet back here in three hours or less.  Now how would you like to communicate?"

William looked at them both at the same time,  the elf with his cybernetic eye and the orc with his real one.

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