I'll believe it when I see it

Kabuum looked at CyberGuy thoughtfully. If he kept speaking like that in the Shadows he was going to get himself killed. Truth be told Kabuum wanted to throttle him but that would be bad business and he was a long way from his friends and allies here. Slowly the Ork's tusked mouth twisted into a slant and he nodded.

Mentally he fired up his ‘deck and did a matrix scan for hidden devices.
“Ok Rookie, you head in.”

He found Cyberguy's commlink, loaded an Exploit program and placed a mark on it.
“I can't speak for Molly but I think she will agree that we will be in position with security taken care of before you get to the terminal.”

With a link established he sent a harmless datapacket to CyberGuy’s comm.
“If it gets hot, just yell. I've put my comm details on your device. Just contact me when you need to.”

As an afterthought he added “Good luck” and turned to discuss plans with the Elf. Somewhere, in the depths on his headphones and just on the edge of Kabuum's hearing a static snickering could be heard.

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