Let's get to work...

Molly was not impressed with the new guy’s attitude, and muttered something unkind in Sprethiel to herself in response. She had been in the shadows long enough to know attitude only got you so far. Unless, of course, you had a death wish. It didn’t help new guy’s case by suddenly showing an intense dislike of her. Molly racked her brain, but couldn’t place him anywhere, which probably meant she fragged over somebody he knew, possibly a family member.

Or maybe he was having a bad hair day? Who knew? Molly asked herself in frustration. She sighed inwardly. Kids these days…

Molly gave him a once over, being careful to watch his hands. Not too smart laying your cards on the table like that, chummer. You don’t want to start of your day slotting off a runner you don’t know anything about.

Molly knew, at the minimum, his attitude meant keeping a closer eye on new guy during the job. At the maximum, well…Molly reflexively reached around behind her back and brushed the bottom of the Fineblade’s hilt. She could probably draw it and have it sticking through the rookie’s remaining real eye before he said “boo”…wire or no wire. Molly was that fast and skilled with a blade, she knew. But the bar was much too public, and it would be bad for business to maim somebody you just met, right? Besides, they needed him, which was probably the one thing that was going to keep him alive on this run.

Instead, Molly merely gave new guy a half smile, and nodded in assent to Kabuum’s statement. “We got this end rookie, no problem,” she added. Molly then turned to the Orc. “Come on handsome, lets go get to know each other better, and look over these plans a bit more privately, ‘kay?” Molly quietly dropped her right arm down from behind her back and stood up, pushing there chair away from her as she did so.

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