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I don't frakkin' need to know...

Kabuum looked this way and that. To either side troggs walked about in the daily drek of their lives. He oucked up the package and, with a final glance around, took the box with its archaic tech into the garage he rented. Inside was an absolute mess lit be the lamps on the workbench and the fuzzy blue light from the trid-tv that wouldn't shut down. Cans of enrgy drink, beer bottles and soy-noodle pots clutered the space along with cables, computer boards and the ocasional motor part. Opposite the bench sat an aging couch and an old model Scorpion.
Kabuum sat at the bench on a comfortable chair, possibly the newest thing in the whole makeshift apartment. He scanned the device for a hardline data port and, predictably, found one. He fired up the cyberdeck sat on the bench and pulled out a spool of wire. He connected this to the mysterious-spider-thing and was mildly surprised to see a 'charging' status message.

Could this relic not charge by wifi induction?

His cyberdeck was nearly as old as the spider-machine and he had to run a VM just to expand the program slots in the damn thing. He watched a window pop up and the devices handshake. He ran a scan script, nothing intrusive just politely asking permission for access. Amongst the encrypted data stream between deck and spider a single sentence jumped out.


It couldn't be that simple. Kabuum jacked in, going full VR to have a proper look.
Sure enough, as the digital landscape coalesced the login appeared as an old style ATM suspended mid-air. wlit had the same password request on its tiny screen  and a digi-keyboard at the bottom. Kabuum leaned slowly to the left and peered around at the raging inferno that represented the device's firewall.

Orcs do not live long as it is and he was in no rush to hurry his death closer.

He jacked out, brought out his commlink and downloaded the directions. Just as the tiny bugger had said to do.

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