The Layout and Surrounds

Ooc: here is what is shown in the pictures. I'm happy for characters to make their way to the scene however they please. If you feel you/the game needs more shoving along let me know.

The pictures left by Mr Johnson were very detailed.
The first few showed the neighbourhood. So run down even the ork and troll graffiti was worn away and faded. Not a matrix link in sight. Gaping doors and windows from dilapidated buildings surrounding a chainlink fence topped with barbed wire. That in turn surrounds a collection of old, mouldering red brick warehouses and chemical sheds. A central location has been highlighted with a red pen.

A few snaps show a gatehouse with only a barrier pole. Although signs of Lone Star hang on fences and are painted on the gatehouse.

Some grainy internal snaps show a warehouse filled with boxes or crates. Row upon row of them. But there in one corner is a terminal attached to a pipe. A huge pipe, as thick as a troll is tall. Some strange machinery circles the pipe. Around the room you can make out the shadows of a few cameras but nothing much else.

The voice in Kabuums ear interrupts his thoughts again "well I'm sure you, my super astute ork friend, know what that is!" It waits a few beats.
"That's an old <ACCESS DENIED!> used for <ACESS DENIED!> I thought they'd all been replaced!"
The access denied voice shrieks like an air raid siren inside your skull. But the AI doesn't seem to have noticed.

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