Oh boy...

Molly took a look at the pictures and frowned

“Geez, it looks worse than any DMZ I’ve ever seen or heard about,” Molly observed.

Almost immediately, alarm bells rung in the back of her head. Molly knew in any run there was more than meets the eye. On the surface, this job appeared easy. Too easy. Whatever was in the warehouse the owner wanted to keep it very secret, and out of the way. And if they flicked that switch, was would really happen? Unfortunately there was no way to know.

Molly wished they had a spell slinger for back up. It would make her feel better to know that kind of firepower was on tap if things went sideways.

“Ok, Kabuum, way I see it is we need to find and hack the hardline, and shut down the security systems. Then me and William can go in and flick this switch. Simple at its most basic.” Molly said sarcastically. It may sound simple, but the reality was much more complicated. Of course.

“I would like more time for a good recon of the neighborhood, but Mr. Johnson is pushing us to get this done fast…which makes me wonder WTF,” Molly added. “I also take it we got no transport to the target area besides our own, right?”

Great, this deal is getting worse all the time, Molly thought to herself. We need more folks for ops like this if we don’t want to get geeked.

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