William was disappointed that his first interaction with other shadow runners was going poorly. They had already realized he was a new shadowruner and he did not want them to doubt his decking skills as well. He scanned the data pack for any hidden programs or viruses and after finding none sent one back as well. He did the same with Molly. He introduced himself while sitting and looked over the plans and saved the layout to the cybernetic side of his mind. When Molly suggested that they turn off the terminal together he was a little annoyed, but he thought it would be the best plan. He hoped that the fact that she made him think of his sister would not get in the way of him focusing on the Job. He stood up after Molly had finished speaking, “Alright, lets go. the sooner we do this the better. Let us stick together until we get into view of the target and split up from there.” He looked at Molly as he finished, “Be careful, I don’t want you to get hurt.” He adjusted the bag he carried over his shoulder as he prepared to leave.

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