Gettin’ a ride

This was looking shadier by the second but scrip was scrip and Kabuum could always use more cash. The AI’s interest seemed suspect at best. Speaking of which, his ears were still ringing.

>do me a favour, don't mention that thing again_
>what happens when we shut it off?_

The chirpy AI immediately responded.

The headphones hit the table. Kabuum rubbed his ears and sighed. Carefully he replaced them.


He listened to both Molly and CyberGuy (he had heard William’s name but CyberGuy was stuck in his head now) and ventured his opinion.

“I can hack the hardline. I can learn numbers, positions, communications then shut the fraggin’ lot down.” He took a breath and looked at both of them in turn.

“If Willi says he can take the terminal, let him. Molly an I can run against the security forces.”

There was a problem however. Kabuum had left his Scorpion back at his crash pad. There was a solution but it’s always a question of ‘is it worth it’.

He got out his commlink and made a call.

“Yea.” Came a voice on the other end.
“Need a lift.” The decker said.
“Where.” The voice was deep and dead-pan. As if the owner was preoccupied.
“A job.”
“Pay good?” A flicker of interest.
“The usual.” Said a noncommittal Kabuum.

Kabuum sighed and started punching a message into his comm.
“Daft bastard doesn’t know where I am...”

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