Conference room

Crystal lead them down several hallways until they found the conference room. Voices could be heard. “ Benny have some of your team stand gard” she whispered. The sat quietly by the door listening to the conversation. Most of it was exsplenations of the exsperiments and what they were capable of. Then they started talking about how the exsperiments could be used as solders.

“ they would be perfect weapons and because all of them are hybrid they are not protected under the law.” One of the sciences said.

“ yes but how intelligent are they. What’s to say they won’t turn on us. Not to mention these exsperiments are technology illegal ” one of the new individuals asked

“ if the General poblic finds out we will simply terminate all subjects and start over. “ another of the docters said.

Crystal bared her teeth they were not just things that could be discarded. They were living intelligent life forms. This entire thing was wrong they needed to escape.

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