OOC - WIP Guideline of Tundrain Pt.1

For those visiting the frigid world of Tundrain, it will be very noticeable to see that you will be the only human. Once prevalent throughout, they destroyed themselves in a civil war that made Tundrain the way it is.
The natives that survive here would remind one of the animals of our own icy domains.
Aven-There are two races of avian humanoids that roam the wastes, each vastly different in look and manner.
Skua- Similar to the predatory birds of Antarctica, the Skuan are ruthless creatures. Their society revolves around outliving one another in order to prove ones power. All Skuan live in the northern continent of Ulugiak, surviving harsh blizzards and the wrath of their chief spirit through necromancy and cannibalism.
Iuggack-Bearing a striking resemblance to Terran penguins, the Iuggack wander the ice sheets of Tundrain as nomads. Living in family groups, these caravans trade with most of the races, except the Iumack and any race that lives on Ulugiak. Although skilled traders, the most notable feature of an Iuggack caravan are the massive Orcas that travel with them as beasts of burden.

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