OOC - WIP Guideline of Tundrain Pt.3

With Aven, Catfolk, and Seal-men roaming the outer reaches of Tundrain, it is easy to assume the the central tundra plains of Sinik would be left to the wild herds of mammoth and rhinoxen. This is far from the truth, these plains are inhabited by the Illonata, nomadic tribes made up of three races, each depending on each other for survival. The greatest of these are the Ursine, massive bear-like humanoids that have an ancient connection to the world.
Ursine- The majority of Ursine on Tundrain make up the most numerous members of the Illonata, with many of the tribes leaders being these stoic bear-men. With the average height being eight or nine feet, the Ursine tower over most other races, while also weighing more as well. This, added with their grasp on elemental magic, makes them a frightening foe for even the vicious Tagrain. Their magic comes from the Bond, a spiritual connection to the very soul of their world, which gives the elders the ability to conjure blizzards and ice storms with minimal effort. Meditation in a sacred glacier to the east allows one to strengthen their bond, increasing the power and knowledge of those that undertake it.
The defenders of Tundrain, The Arctodus, are Ursine that have meditated to the point where their spirit is a literal part of the worldsoul.
Seph-Ugar- There are Ursine that are born without the ability to form the Bond. For whatever reason, when they reach out to the world soul during their coming of age ceremony, Tundrain recoils from their touch. This backlash prevents them from ever speaking to the world soul ever again, an event that is seen as a dark omen amongst the Ursine. This has caused a small population of Ursine to be banished from the tribes, eventually able to create their own society.
Calling themselves Seph-Ugar(Narrow Mind) to remind them of their cousins unforgiving treatment, they were once banished to the dark continent Ulugiak until the creation of the Borealis Barrier. This has created two seperate populations, one still fighting back Skuan and Tagrain attackers on Ulugiak and another surviving in the southern pine forests, surrounded by Kobold hordes.
Both tribes of Seph-Ugar have a hatred to their Illonata cousins and will attack weaker tribes and lone wanderers that travel too close their lands.

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