OOC - WIP Guideline of Tundrain Pt.4

The races shown in this little series are ones that have had the most development or the flashier lore. Kobolds are one such race, while a cemented part of Tundrain, they are not worthy of their own page in terms of lore. Two more remain after, Wolvir and Vulpix, that remain on the sidelines. I have not found a solid seat for them.
The kobolds of Tundrain inhabit the southern pine forests of Sinik. They have a tribal lifestyle, though not as developed as the Illonata, and worship a forest spirit they call Ukra. The spirit is an essential part of their violent culture, its presence spurring them into a territorial frenzy.
The overall design for the Wolvir is very similar to their namesake from MTG, anthropomorphic wolves. For the moment, their main purpose in the Illonata is helping in hunts, as well as guarding meditating Ursine.
The smallest sentient race on Tundrain, the Vulpix were unofficially added to the Illonata after years of the Vulpix trailing hunting parties and scavenging kills. When one tribe found them useful scouts and trackers, they were allowed into the tribes asa whole.
This post ends the descriptions of the physical races, as the spirits that inhabit the world will have a section of their own and they are too intertwined with the plot of Tundrain to seperate.

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