Niflheim - Beyond the Ragnarok

Yes I know, I did not invent Niflheim, the Vikings did that a long time ago. However, I did invent Beyond the Ragnarok, a game on this site and our quest will soon be taking us through the frozen mists of this lands towards the gates of Hella. So this seemed like an ideal opportunity to flesh out this world ready for the game. BtR players beware, there may be spoilers. Or alternatively you have a chance to help build the world you are about to explore and play in. I want to develop this world over three posts each focusing on a different aspect of the world. Please comment and question, and I will pose some questions of my own to get us started.

The Geography of Niflheim

Basic terrain : Niflheim is a world of Ice, Snow and Mist. It is beyond cold and a place of wandering spirits and ice giants. There are great frozen forests and lakes, bitter plains where the drifts can cover a man in a single gust and great mountain ranges with terror filled caverns beneath their roots.

Locations of Note :

Hvergelmir - The Earth Well, a mystical spring from which the first dragons were said to emerge. It is supposedly the source of all fresh waters and deeply holy even to the gods. It is guarded by a white stag with silver antlers. The waters once gave a silver glow, but since the breaking they have grown dim and murky and the stag guardian appears sick.

Gylfang - The poisoned river, said to be corrupted by the foul venom of a slain serpent. A child of Jormungandr. It is covered with slow flowing ice and its waters are deadly to all who touch them, stripping the soul from the body in seconds.

The Gates of Hella - The Gates of Hella are found here in Niflheim and are the primary entrance to the halls of the dead.

Questions to consider :

1. What other cool locations could/should I include in this world?
2. What effect might Ragnarok and the sundering of the world tree have had on this realm?
3. What could be the cause of the sickness of Hvergelmir and its guardian?
4. How can I flesh out the Gates of Hella to make them more... dramatic?
5. Could humans survive in this world without magical aid?

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