OOC - Tundrain

The plane of Tundrain is a pet project of mine, still being worked on. It is loosely based upon the Inuit and the environment they live in.
Tundrain, plane of Ice
Geography- Sinik makes up the most solid ground on Tundrain, with ancient pine forests ruling the south and tundra reigning supreme in the north. Glaciers guard much of the north-eastern borders, blocking exploration. In the west, the great World Ocean rests.
In the far north lies the glacial continent Ulugiak, blocked by the Borealis Barrier.
Ursine-A race of humanoid bears that travel throughout the tundra plains of Sinik. The average Ursine stands at eight feet, making them imposing figures. Although many are skilled in melee combat, the true strength of the Ursine lies in their connection with the very spirit of the world, known as the Bond. A separate group of Ursine have been denied the Bond, being banished from the tribes and forming their own society.
Tagrain-A humanoid feline race resembling tigers that live within the Borealis Barrier, on the freezing continent of Ulugiak. Banished long ago to the windswept ice deserts and crags, they are a devious race, living through deception and dark magic.
Aven- Two races of aven live on Tundrain, the peaceful Iuggack and the reclusive Skuan. Both races history will be included in later posts.
Kobold-The primitive descendants of Tundrains native humans, the kobolds live in the pine forests of southern Sinik. Using stone and bone weapons, these vicious creatures often raid the tundra near their territory.
Iumack- Seal-folk of the Great Ocean, they revere the massive serpents and leviathans that dwell within its depths. Using simple stone and metal tools, they travel in close families and defend against those that disrespect the ocean and its creatures.
Spirits-The spirits that roam the world are physical manifestations of their domain, granting them the ability to control the world. All lesser spirits answer to one of the four Greater Spirits, beings that have absolute power of their given environment and are worshipped by the races of Tundrain.
Locations of Interest
The Borealis Barrier-A towering shimmering wall of magick, the Barrier traps the entire continent of Ulugiak within, preventing the terrible powers of the Tagrain and the Skuan from being unleashed.
Altar of Tagrain-A structure found near the center of Ulugiak, this altar is a sacred site to the Tagrain and the Skuan. Performing the proper ritual can sometimes grant an audience with the spirit of death itself.
Itsasugak(Ancient times in ice-A glacier to the east that is sacred to the Ursine, as it is believed that the spirits of the ancestors rest within the ancient ice. Caves pocket the base, sacred dens that are used during meditation.
The Pylon-An ancient structure, its origins have been lost to time and memory. It lies buried in the center of Ulugiak, surrounded by an eternal blizzard.

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