Kreeger looked outside the window and winced. The guards on the walls were firing their bows and crossbows into the mass of infected storming their way but they may as well have been throwing straw.

"Keep it steady gents, don't want the mixture to go off early." He said to a few servants that had been stirring their cauldrons a tad too quickly.

They'd be ready to start putting bombs together soon but he was worried the infected might find a way in before that. Sir Thomas was either inside the keep or on another part of the wall but either way he couldn't see him and clearly the guards around here hadn't been given any other orders.

He pulled the guard from earlier aside.

"Barand, this castle has a wine cellar, right? Albert will disown me for this but we need to do something to buy time. Grab caskets from the cellar. Whiskey, Vodka and gin all burn reasonably well. Set the barrels alight and toss them off the wall, onto the infected.

If needs be I'll take the blame for setting Lady Nadia's booze on fire." He motioned to the scene outside the window.

Barand, being the focused and agreeable chap he was, nodded and scurried off with several of his friends.

Kreeger sighed.

"Do... you think they'll get in?" One of the younger servant girls asked.

Kreeger turned to her only to find that all the people in the room, that was to say several dozen, looking at him unsurely.

"Not if we have anything to say about it. The fire barrels should at least buy some time, enough for the lady or Sir Thomas to get a better plan in hand. Just focus on what you're doing and you'll be fine." Kreeger said with false confidence.

The room seemed to relax just a tiny bit at that but it was enough.

He hoped it'd be enough.

Barand jogged down the lower levels, only slowing when he had to go around a barricade that had been set up and manned with pikes and crossbows. Shit, if they were already setting up fortifications in here then things must be bad.

"Come on gents, you heard the man. Vodka and gin, all of it."

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