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Summary: The new favorite student of the Headmistress, definitely up to something.

Peter Rand

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Gender: Male

Age: 17

Group: Students


South African/British


Peter's parents immigrated to the US after his dad was offered a well-paying position in the coal mining sector. While comfortable financially, his parents couldn't afford to send him to a school as exclusive as Cunningham but he was able to get in on an Art scholarship, or so the official story goes...


Very good at Reading People.
Kung-Fu Fighting.

Physical Appearance

Pete is moderately tall at 6'2 and fairly well built but is packing on some belly fat from all the soda and chocolate. One of his eyes is brown and the other is green. He keeps his black hair in a pompadour cut. His skin is somewhat pasty and he has slash marks trailing all the way down his left arm. Wears shades all the goddamn time.

Personality and interests

Pete is laid back and friendly but is also ambitious and makes no secret of going out of his way to curry favor with the Headmistress and maybe gain Muhney! and power while he's at it. He tends to follow rules most of the time but won't hesitate to break them if he thinks he won't get caught.

The Arcane Arts
Adorable Puppies

Fatal Flaw/s

Arrogance- Pete is normally a pretty decent guy but can overreact if he perceives someone as mocking or underestimating him. He'll also take time to rub any victory he gets in someone's face.

Incredibly Lazy- Like, holy shit. The amount of prodding it takes to actually get him to throw a punch, jog, sprint, climb anything or otherwise not be a couch potato is nonexistent.

Creepy Crawlies- Ever since THE INCIDENT Peter has detested bugs of any sort.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Witch. Weak to religious iconography and passages from holy books.

(Optional) Goals

To conquer New York and become the new Witch King! If he has time and it's not too much effort.


Is now fully aware he should not antagonize The Bees.

Keeps Professor Branwen supplied with booze in return for keeping his frequent absenteeism a secret. They get along well.

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Image of Peter Rand
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