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Summary: Cunningham's Art Teacher. Sarcastic and drunk most of the time.

Professor Crow Branwen

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Gender: Male

Age: 45

Group: Cunningham Staff




Nobody freaking knows. He just showed up to school one day and was all like "Well hey, I'm your new art teacher." Keeps a flask of vodka on him at all times.


Art Teacher.
Expert fencer, teaches fencing club.
Can supposedly pick locks and pockets.

Physical Appearance

Tall, wears a grey suit and red tie. Always slouching or leaning against something. Black hair combed back and stubble. Lean.

Personality and interests

Crow swears up and down that any similarities between himself and the RWBY character of the same name are purely coincidental but he is pretty much the same dude. He's drunk most of the time and insists students call him by his first name. Has a longstanding feud with Professor Bees.

He's fond of most of the kids in his class and sometimes seems to almost adopt some of them.

Fatal Flaw/s

He's too awesome to have a fatal flaw... Umm. He's drunk a lot and he trips. Yeah, that's his flaw.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Human. Suspected Lycan.

(Optional) Goals

He kind of just wants to drink by the looks of things.


Hates Professor Vanessa "The Bees" Bees.

Pete keeps him supplied with booze in exchange for keeping quiet about his frequent absenteeism so they get along well.

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Image of Professor Crow Branwen
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