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Summary: Impulsive, eccentric, loves to eat. Might be more to him than anyone (or even he) knows. Wink Wink

Kalo Blacke

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Students


African American


Kalo was orphaned at a young age at, and raised by a young man named Silas Blacke. The Blacke family is mysteriously wealthy, so this wealth spread to young Kalo, however, the boy was not pampered. Silas, unlike the other, much more regal members of his family was more of an oddball, and beyond engaging Kalo in almost monk-like training at an early age, he did everything in his power to ensure the boy wouldn't grow up to be a snobbish brat. Perhaps the outcome was...less than desirable, but it has shaped Kalo in a way that can never be reversed, for better or for worse.


-Very fast and capable of quick and sudden movements.
-Quick reflexes.
-Has showcased impressive levels of strength, so so far only when he is surprised or excited.
-Surprisingly well read.
-Despite seeming aloof in most cases, learns and picks up on things quickly.

Physical Appearance

While Kalo is rather stringy and not exactly brimming with muscle, his shapely bottom-heavy form provides him with a more than adequate level of acrobatic athletism. Kalo is rather tall for his age at 6 feet and 2 inches, and weighs around 170 pounds, though most of his weight is derived from his stocky lower half.

Personality and interests

Kalo is loud, boisterous, and extremely impulsive, though he is capable of toning it down if need be. His eccentric attitude (eccentric might be putting it lightly) can be rather refreshing for those who are tired of the stereotypically snobbish and arrogant WASPs that seem to predominantly populate Cunningham High. Kalo is rather child-like in some ways, however, to call him naive is a bit of a stretch. There is a strange level of wisdom behind his eyes, and it seems as if he's smarter than he lets on, if only a little. While it's rare, Kalo can become surprisingly angry, and due to his constant bouncing and horsing around, when all of that energy is sharply focused into a bubbling rage it can be rather terrifying. His ability to eat is also terrifying, the boy's appetite is stronger than steel, and to extinguish it seems impossible. Insects cut it close, but a simple roach won't be enough.

Fatal Flaw/s

-Impulsive behavior can get him in trouble before he can stop himself.
-Has a bad habit of intentionally pissing people off, just to see their bad side.
-The boy can excite himself to exhaustion.
-Seem to need a lunch break every five minutes.
-Occasionally has trouble remembering small details or events, even if they just occured.
-Has a crippling fear of insects, especially cockroaches.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Claims he's Human, but he seems a bit more than that.

(Optional) Goals

To have fun at his new school.


Silas Blacke is his father, whom he respects and idolizes for his cunning and wit in almost any and every situation.

Has developed a growing friendship with Adrian Crane.

While it's more so a truce than a friendship, he's "cool" with Isack.

Has a crush on Scarlet, maybe hasn't quite realised it yet.

Sees Peter just as an overly privileged British kid, who may or may not be secretly a psychopath.

Sees Titus as a weird creepy guy who is most definitely a psychopath.

Thinks Professor Branwen as a sorry drunk of a teacher.

If Titus is creepy, Eugerd is down-right horrifying. And why does he talk like that? What is that?!

The school certainly does have its creeps and freaks, and Professor Leric is just another check on the list.

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Image of Kalo Blacke
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