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Summary: Cunningham's math teacher. Dour and no sense of humor.

Professor Vanessa "The Bees" Bees

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Gender: Female

Age: 27

Group: Cunningham Staff




Nobody knows


Mathematics Teacher
Being a Hardass

Physical Appearance

The Bees is only five feet tall and blonde. She wears a green suit everywhere she goes and is never seen without her spectacles. A lot of peopel find her intimidating because of the constant scowl marring her face.

Personality and interests

The Bees is fond of giving detention for the slightest infraction, handing out excessive amounts of homework and otherwise just being a nuisance to the student body.

While not necessarily a bad teacher she's strict to the extreme and has little patience for misbehavior.

Fatal Flaw/s

Killjoy- Nobody invites her to parties because she's boring.

Species And Weakness Of Species


(Optional) Goals

A lot of students think she's just a grumpy teacher but with the drama in the Courier's underground some have suspected she might be up to something.


The Bees and Peter Rand have hated one another ever since He exploded her classroom that one time.

Her and Professor Branwen have a mutual dislike for one another. Some whisper it might be because they used to date

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Image of Professor Vanessa
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