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Summary: A energetic jokester who is commonly misjudged by her appearance

Scarlet Crane

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Students


American (Texan)


Scarlet was born in Texas and lived there nearly all her life. Her parents and family have always been low class citizen struggling to get by, until one day her mother won $10,000 in the lottery. However, when her parents found out about her shapeshifting, they freaked out, causing her to run from home. Before she did though, she stole some of their money which came in handy when she started living with her crazy aunt and her 50 cats.


Able to shift into any kind of animal. Currently that skill is limited to little animals like birds and squirrels until her skills develope.

When in animal form she can vaguely understand that specific animal.

Physical Appearance

Black hair (often uncombed).
Pale skin
Dark brown eyes
Always wears black

Personality and interests

Despite her dressing habits, she is a very lively and humours person who likes to make bad puns and laugh the loudest at her jokes.

Her Aunts crazyness rubbed off onto her a little so she can sometimes say or do things that are just outright strange.

She is very interested in art. She loves to draw, but isn’t very good at it and usually shocks her teachers with bad charcoal drawings of demons and murder scenes.

Fatal Flaw/s

-Doesn’t know when to be serious.
-Bad judge of character and will trust people that are clearly not trustworthy.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Animalistic Shapeshifter.

-If she is in the shape of an animal for more than 2 hours it will become harder and harder to shift back until she is finally stuck in that form.

(Optional) Goals

Wants to learn how to shift into bigger animals.


Adores professor Crow and his classes. Always finds an opportunity to talk to him.

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Image of Scarlet Crane
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