Image of Headmistress Elizabeth Crane

Summary: The Headmistress of Cunningham High, out to win the Grey Leagues

Headmistress Elizabeth Crane

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Gender: Female

Age: 28

Group: Cunningham Staff


American (Texan)


Nobody knows.


Really good with guns for some reason.

Physical Appearance

Headmistress Crane is tall and has stark white hair and red eyes, being an albino apparently. Most of the students would describe her as 'drop dead gorgeous' but never within earshot.

Like, even some of the straight girls want her. She normally has a smirk on her face and speaks in a Texan drawl.

Personality and interests

The Headmistress doesn't mind bending the rules to get things to go her way but she's noted to be very protective of her students and tends to keep a more casual air than the other teachers. She's still scary as hell hell when she's pissed off though.

Fatal Flaw/s

Cocky- Headmistress Crane tends to think she's the smartest person in whatever room she's in currently. Which, while true most of the time, tends to lead her to underestimate people.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Human (Peter isn't so convinced.)

(Optional) Goals

The annual Medieval Combat Grey Leagues are coming up and Crane covets the trophy. She's actively looking for scrappy students for the team.


Peter Rand- Nobody is really sure why but Crane has taken a shine to one of the older students and seems to let him get away with a lot of his shenanigans with only a slap on the wrist for each infraction.

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Image of Headmistress Elizabeth Crane
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