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Summary: Do you regularly walk? You look like you walk a lot, how is it? Does it hurt?

Titus Moren

Gender: Male

Age: 16

Group: Students




Titus grew up as the child of an alchemist and a necromancer in New York. His father would frequently teach him things about alchemy, but his mother never used her necromancy until Titus was hit by a truck when he was 14. He shut himself in his room to play games, until recently when his parents forced him to go to school, and remembering that Cunningham High was very pristegious in their youth and had recently allowed less gifted kids in, enrolled Titus.


Writing fan fiction
Card games of any sort
Video games of any sort

Physical Appearance

Titus is a thin, with black hair and brown eyes, with pale skin, and about 5’6” tall when he’s not slouching. He rarely wears shoes, and has multiple bandages on his knees, elbows and feet, as none of his wounds ever heal. He has a backpack containing his laptop, a notepad, pens and too much candy to be healthy. He has a cracked wristwatch that hasen’t worked for two years, and always points at 8:36.

Personality and interests

Titus is as blunt and honest as he can, his interests include video games, the internet and copious amounts of fan fiction.

Fatal Flaw/s

He can’t ascertain the risk in a situation, reading him to believe that there is none.

Species And Weakness Of Species

If Titus comes in contact with fire, he will be incinerated.

(Optional) Goals

To make as many friends as possible.


His mother is a necromancer and loves him very much.
His father is an alchemist and loves sharing his knowledge with his family.

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Image of Titus Moren
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