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Summary: " Hmmm Tacos, I will do anything for Tacos, wait their having Tacos at the cafeteria?" *Disappears*

Isack Vandhal

Gender: Male

Age: 15

Group: Students




Isack is the descendant of powerful demon mage vikings? Yeah so bloodlust and magic....that's a combo that most people don't see. What else, oh yeah he lives with his brother, Luke Vandhal. His mother and Dad just disappeared when he was six. So he is a very depressed kid.


Skilled in all fighting styles, Can use all kinds of weapons. Also fire,Fire magic or powers, not sure which on it is, he is just immune to fire and can make blades with it, breath it out of his mouth.....etc.

Physical Appearance

Orange hair, blue eyes, 5ft tall, and lean

Personality and interests

Calm, quick thinker, seems pissed of 90% of the time.

Fatal Flaw/s

Crosses, holy water, and the greatest of all, Tacos

Species And Weakness Of Species

Demon-Weakness is crosses, holy water, holy weapons, and of course Churches.

(Optional) Goals

To find his parents

To perfect his Ultimate taco recipe.


His Brother- Luke Vandhal

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Image of Isack Vandhal
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