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Summary: The janitor. Likes to lurk and eavesdrop. Always smells of smoke.

Eugerd Aulder

Gender: Male

Age: 40-70?

Group: Cunningham Staff




Eugerd the janitor seems to have been around the school forever. But maybe that's just the shadow he casts in the deepest crevices of the students' subconscious. His uncanny ability to be just around corners when you least expect him, coupled with his quiet, observing behavior is unnerving for the very few who actually pay attention to it at all. The few who do might notice a faint smell of smoke where he has been, and it's not the tobacco kind...


Talking very little
Hearing very much

Physical Appearance

Dark blue overalls with matching cap pulled low over his eyes, a little rat-tail sprig of hair protruding from the back, in mixed black and grey.
Thin, ratty, somewhat unkempt moustache and eyebrows
Either very tan caucasian or some sort of mixed race
6'1", thin and lank, with a stooped posture

Personality and interests

Lurking and lurking. Keeps to himself mostly, but may engage with people he finds interesting.

Fatal Flaw/s

If anyone speaks to him unexpectedly, he's often at a loss for words. Due to his standoffish demeanor, he has trouble making friends. He doesn't like bright lights.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Is usually presumed human. REALLY doesn't like bright lights, though.

(Optional) Goals

Officially, keeping the school clean. Unofficially, unknown.


He doesn't talk enough to cultivate any real relationships. Teachers begrudgingly respect him, though they keep their distance. Most students are barely aware he exists.

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Image of Eugerd Aulder
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