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Summary: Cunningham's head girl and the most popular girl in school.

Kirsten Free

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Gender: Female

Age: 18

Group: Students




Kirsten is pretty much Cunningham's queen popular girl and likes to make sure everyone knows it. However, despite being the resident alpha bitch she got into Cunningham on a scholarship for robotics and is thus infinitely smarter than she looks.


Texting REALLY fast

Physical Appearance

Blonde, in good shape, considered to be very pretty.

Personality and interests

Cute Penguins
Robot Laser Boys
Shopping For Cute Ninja Penguins

Fatal Flaw/s

Cosmic Joke- Kirsten is constantly having strange and unfortunate things happen to her. Peter is fond of using her as a projectile weapon whenever a bug appears and he doesn't want to squish it himself.

Really sucks at fighting- Like holy crap a strong breeze would end her.

Doesn't think things through- As smart and intelligent as Kirsten is she tends to jump the gun.

Species And Weakness Of Species


(Optional) Goals

Become More Popular
Crush the undesirables into the dirt where they belong
Become the Techno-Queen of New York


Peter Rand- Kirsten has hated Peter with a burning passion ever since they first met (For reasons nobody save the two of them know about) and they will mutually go out of their way to make life hard for one another.

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Image of Kirsten Free
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