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Summary: Isack Vandhal's older brother. Gym Bunny.

Luke Vandhal

Gender: male

Age: 35

Group: Townspeople




Luke raised his brother after their parents disappeared. He is a hard core gym trainer.


Skilled in all fighting styles, can use anything as a weapon as well as being able to use all kinds of weapons. Flame and demon powers

Physical Appearance

Red spikey hair, sun glasses, buff, 6 ft tall.

Personality and interests

Tough, jokester, chill, and very laid back.

Fatal Flaw/s

He is very overprotective of his brother. He also loves cats

Species And Weakness Of Species

Demon-Weakness is crosses, holy water, holy weapons, and of course Churches.

(Optional) Goals

To protect his little brother


His Brother- Isack Vandhal

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Image of Luke Vandhal
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