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Summary: Resident supercop. Not magical and doesn't have anything up her sleeve... EXCEPT JUSTICE!!!

Detective Cass Blood

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Gender: Female

Age: 26

Group: Police & Government




Peter Rand's contact on the police department and the woman in charge of investigation paranormal activity around New York. Cass is a decorated veteran and spent three years as a Navy Seal before joining the police.


Finding Out Things People Don't Want Her To Know
Champion MMA fighter
Licenced Combat Driver
Near Genius Level IQ
Piloting Aircraft
Doctorate In Criminal Psychology
Doctorate Asskicking
Bachelor in Pain
Minor in Interpretive Dance

Physical Appearance

Cass is very tall at 6'6 and has hair the colour of blood. She's very pale and never takes her sunglasses off, a habit she picked up from Peter. She normally wears a very expensive leather trench coat over a red dress shirt.

Personality and interests

"I don't have time to talk about my feelings with you. Now, go get me coffee. Black, no sugars." - Detective Cass Blood's own words.

P.S This is Peter, normally I don't let people write their own dossiers but she threatened to kick me through a wall.

Fatal Flaw/s

"I have no flaws." - Cass again.

"Actually really afraid of zombies." - Peter Rand, shortly before getting kicked through a wall.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Probably a cyborg

(Optional) Goals

To defend society and punch people IN THE NAME OF JUSTICE!!!


"Cass seems to consider every relationship she has as a professional one. It is noted that her own mother must first make an appointment before showing up for Brunch. Though I think she has a soft spot for me." - Peter Rand, before getting punted out of a window.

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Image of Detective Cass Blood
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