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Summary: talented, outgoing, clumsy, smart.

Angelina Ride

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Gender: Female

Age: 16

Group: Students




Angel never knew that she was half Angel and half Demon until her father who was Satan came to take her back home. Angel moves a lot so she doesn't have a lot of friends.


Angel can read minds. She can talk to demons and angel's.

Physical Appearance

Short black and white dress, long blonde wave hair, always where's a bow in her hair, no shoes, one black glove on her right hand, and a white glove on her left hand. Angel also has red wings

Personality and interests

Sweet, Sexy. Loves her dad.

Fatal Flaw/s

She's very clumsy

Species And Weakness Of Species

Lack of balance

(Optional) Goals

To succeed in martial arts


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Image of Angelina Ride
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