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Summary: The History demon, *Coughs* I-I mean teacher, History Teacher

Leric Van Forbronze

Gender: Male

Age: 370

Group: Cunningham Staff




Leric is one of the members of a group of demons know as the "New order." It was when a half demon child, know as Soularous, tried to overthrow Satan, instead of what this " Great Demon Warlord" (Which is what Soularous means in demon language) defeated Satan, the demon was defeated by Satan's lover, which was an angel. Soularous was imprisoned in a prison created by both angels and demons. Leric decided to hide among the humans and no suffer the same fate as his leader and his brethren. He became a teacher at Cunningham to disappear completely. He is the history of Cunningham. He wears his mask so humans don't see his true nature, his cover story is that he was horribly burned, so he covers his body so the students won't be frighten.


Demon powers, black ice magic

Physical Appearance

The pic, 8 ft tall, wears all black, no one can see his actually appearance.
He looks like a super pale, classical looking demon, with bison legs.

Personality and interests

quite, snaps if his students are acting up, stern, has a fearful aura.

Fatal Flaw/s

His clothes restrain him of a lot of movement, he is a bit rusty in using his powers for battle, * He accidentally freezes his clothes* ok A LOT rusty at using them.

Species And Weakness Of Species

Ice Demon

Extreme heat, demon fire

(Optional) Goals

To bring back Soularous


Satan- Hide from him
Angelina- Hates her guts, and wants her to fail his class.

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Image of Leric Van Forbronze
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