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Summary: The New girl

Lilly Alucard

Gender: Female

Age: 15

Group: Students




Lilly comes from the legendary Dracula family, but to make people not to worry, the family just flipped their name backwards and hope no one notices. Coming from legendary vampire blood, she doesn't have to worry about the sun, holy items, and other stuff like that. She came from Romina with her Dad and her step mom, as well as her eleven other half siblings. They live in a large mansion in the woods, but they simple transform to get to places. The family moved here when her dad, the lord of Darkness came home one night, wounded by hellfire. Now they live here to hide from whoever wanted them dead. Lilly lost her mother at a young age, but she still remembers her.


Very fast
Shape shifting
Very strong
Mind control
regeneration after feeding
Has a super jump

Physical Appearance

Normal-The Pic

Thirst-Blood red eyes, skin turns dead white, her hair darkens.


Personality and interests

Normal-Sweet, kind, likes to talk to people, caring, hides her true emotions of people

Thirst-Cold, cruel, impulsive, shows how she really feels about people

Fatal Flaw/s

White Willow Wooden stakes
Blood thirst increases the more she uses her power.
In her thirst mode, she shows how she really feels about people
In thirst mode, the sun will burn her, holy items and weapons will hurt her.
She is the strongest as well as the weakest in her thirst mode

Species And Weakness Of Species

Royal Vampire- Thirst of blood, Holy items and weapons will harm them in their thirst mode, the strongest as well as the weakest in their thirst mode, White Willow Wooden stakes

(Optional) Goals

Make friends


No one so far

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Image of Lilly Alucard
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