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Summary: You aren't even worth a single smoke.

Crowe Blacke

Gender: Male

Age: 30s

Group: Townspeople


Like his brother, mostly African American.


Widely unknown, not even his twin can account for most of his endevors. What is known is that he enforces the rule of the Blacke family without question, unlike his free-spirited brother.


Like his brother, skilled in magic. Seems quite keen in teleportation and mobility based magics.

Physical Appearance

As Silas' twin brother, Crowe is identical to him. They differ in that Crow usually wears his hair slicked back, unlike Silas, almost never wears a hat and is almost always smoking, bears amplification marks on his forehead, and is slightly darker in tone. Beyond that and a few wardrobe differences, the two are exactly alike physically.

Personality and interests

Personality wise, however, Crowe is much more different than Silas. Crowe possesses all of Silas' intellectual prowess, and none of his goofy-ness, being utter professional in everything he does. While Silas may come off as intriguing or mysterious, Crowe is downright sinister and malevolent. Crowe is also a lot cockier compared to Silas, who has learned to humble himself despite his powerful family

Fatal Flaw/s

Crowe may underestimate a foe, as he usually regards everyone as beneath him.

Species And Weakness Of Species

He is mortal and can die if fatally wounded. He specializes in mobility magic, not defense, so the trick is to catch him.

(Optional) Goals

Has a considerable interest in a "deal" that Silas supposably made with his family at one point.


Silas' twin brother.

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Image of Crowe Blacke
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