Peter vs Kirsten Round 1

Kirsten scowled as Peter dived under a desk to dodge a laser blast that would have taken his head off. She kept firing at the desk as she jogged backwards over to the teacher's desk and slammed a hand onto the keyboard.

An alarm sounded in the corner and steel shutters slammed down over the windows and door, locking them both in.

"God, i love this school." She grinned and hit a button on the desk, causing two more turrets to pop up.

"You don't find it counter intuitive, locking yourself in here with me?" Peter grinned and mumbled an incantation that caused an invisible force to hurl a desk at her, trashing the computer.

"YOU are locked in here with ME, Rand! Don't forget your place in things," Kirsten pulled out another grenade and lobbed it roughly at Peter "I am the daughter of a wealthy, world renowned scientist. I have an IQ in the upper three hundreds, If I wanted to go out and buy a mansion or four on my pocket money I could, a few centuries ago I would have been royalty and most of all I STILL OWN MY OWN DAMN SOUL!!!" Kirsten pulled a trigger on a belt she kept strapped to the side and the grenade went off in a vortex of heat.

Peter was engulfed with a startled scream. The fireball torched half of the class and she was only saved when a blast shield she had installed with the rest of her secret gadgets erupted out of the floor and blocked the blast.

Kirsten sneered at the flaming wreckage but stopped when she heard a harsh cough.

"That's not quite right. I do own my soul, I'm just in the habit of renting it out from time to time. Cough, urgh." Peter emerged from the fireball with a noticable limp, covering in ash and with severe burns on one of his arms.

"Everything you just said only proves to me how incredibly potent your inferiority complex is. I don't know how you found out about my condition but i know you as well. Your desperately ashamed that you have none of the magical talent of your father, and you're too scared to get it the old fashioned way." Peter laughed cruelly and dropped the spirit shield he'd prepped with a sigh.

"Shut up! You know nothing! I don't need magic to stop you from getting in my way. An idiot like you couldn't possibly comprehend what's going on in this school, what I'm trying to achieve."

"I know that you just admitted something IS going on, and i know that there was a murder down by the docks with magic that seems a lot like the kind your daddy dearest used, though it wasn't him that committed the murder. Papa has been teaching big sister magic in his spare time, eh?"

Kirsten growled and reached for another grenade, only for her hand to seize up at the last minute.

"You don't really know what magic is, that's why you could never do it." Peter growled and reached his hand out, encased in swirling black smoke,, causing Free's to twist unnaturally.

She screamed in agony and dropped to her knees.

"You're so very fond of being high and mighty, right? And yet you're family has been suspected of A LOT of shady business lately. Murder, extortion, human trafficking. Nothing compared to what Elizabeth Crane does but still really nasty. Now, i'm not going to ask you again because i can't be bothered to interrogate you here. So... sleep." Peter snapped and Kirsten fell unconscious on the floor.

"The shadow court can interrogate you, and after that I'll finally have enough evidence to get Crane's diplomatic immunity lifted. The only thing that could stop me now was if someone conveniently happened to be outside just now and burst through the door. Of course, that's really unlikely." Peter smirked.

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