Anyone might have expected timid Adrian to freak out at Isack's wounds and whatever was behind the door. He certainly would expect himself to have gone into a justifiable panic attack. Instead, as Kalo threw his weight into the door, an otherworldly calm came over him. He could feel every exact thing about their present situation. The creature on the opposite side of the door was an ice-type hell hound. It was too strong for Isack and Kalo and would soon force its way in; the only hold up was that it didn't really understand doors and was for now still pushing on the hinge-side, reducing its leverage.

Adrian could feel the creature move its strength to the other side of the door, and a moment later Isack and Kalo started to give way as the hound twisted a slobbering tongue through the appearing crack. Now all Adrian needed to do was transfer part of Kalo's strength to Isack, who was in a better position, and...


The door slam shut with a squirt of blood. As the hound sped off, yipping in pain, Adrian felt the calm leave him and make way for an adrenaline surge that made him nearly topple with how hard he shook. As he slumped down on the bench, the thought surged through his mind: what the hell just happened?

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