Oxygen Problems

Peter cursed at the smoke rapidly filling the room and glowered at Eugerd when it covered Kirsten's form completely. Wonderful, he'd played his hand to get at Kirsten and now she was out of his reach and he was injured.

He put his lone functioning hand to his mouth and a small light began to emit from it, allowing him limited breath if he kept it to his face.

"I don't blame your for wanting to stay out of this Eugerd," He coughed and inched toward the window "Just know that you are courting employment with some very bad people. Then again I get the feeling you don't much care what happens so long as the desks don't have gum stuck to the bottom of them and the lockers don't squeak." Peter's spell started to fail and he broke into a rough coughing fit, tasting the stench of plastic and getting runny eyes.

"On that note, my locker has been a little stuck the last couple of weeks. I think it could use some oil. Could you do something about that?" Peter felt his back hit the window and sighed.

He was going to curse himself for this later but didn't have many options anymore, his plan had failed most of its objectives. He thought he heard the sound of one of his hounds being injured.

He took another shuddering breath and gathered all of his magical energy into his mouth. It wasn't enough. He whispered a silent apology to future-Peter and used his magic to reach into his mind, towards a great set of gates forged from bronze. His mental hand reached out and undid the locks on them and the safe-guards he'd put on that old part of his mind released.

The energy powered by thought and emotion rushed into him and he bit his tongue trying to keep the scream in. He turned to Eugerd and opened his mouth wide.

The shockwave was enough to shatter all of the windows and send the metal plates screaming out of the wall with a screech. Colour and sound distorted as a wave of force rushed toward Eugerd and blasted the janitor through a wall.

The power in the building cut out and class went up in blue fire and the smoke dissipated. Peter felt the consequences of undoing the lock immediately and had to bat aside a hallucination of an angry screaming face.

"Among my circles it is referred to as an Agony Scream. Sorcerers throw their collected emotions, charged with chaos magic, at you in the form of a shout. Trust me when i say it hurt me almost as much as it hurt you. I'll see you around Eugerd, I gotta go meditate before my brain collapses under its own weight."

Peter laughed as blue fire swirled around him and caught him in a vortex, swirling violently before he disappeared in a flash and the fires faded to nothing while his laugh echoed around the room.

Then he was gone.

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