"So you had nothing to do with is?" Scarlet's text read.

Peter felt himself sweat-drop like an anime character. He was hoping that Scarlet wouldn't think the dogs were him but that was just wishful thinking. He now had a choice between keeping quiet or admitting that there was a lot more going on around Cunningham.

"ugh, fuck me." He moaned to himself.

You've probably met the headmistress, right? Funny, cares about her kids? Some... acquaintances asked me to look into some shady stuff going on around town, all nearby cunningham. A murder at the docks is the most recent pop up....]

Okay, so now that I think about it, launching a full-on dog rampage in the school probably wasn't the best way to investigate but i was kind of loopy this morning. You remember me saying i was sick? Yeah, the... side effects are fun like that. Also i was FULLLLLLL of morphine so i cannot legally be held accountable for my idiocy.

I know Eugerd wants my head but nobody actually got hurt right? Either way, you might consider changing schools, this one can be trouble.

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