On the Run

"Oh! Sorry!" Adrian dropped Scarlet's hand like it was a hot poker, his ears burning. His face felt tingly with the rush of blood, not to mention the adrenaline from the run. As she tapped a message to Peter into her phone, Kalo and Isack came pelting out the door... followed by a furious Leric. Adrian's eyes widened in shock. "Scarlet... SCARLET, RUN!" But Isack's brother had just pulled his pick-up in front of them. Spurred by the rush of adrenaline, Adrian threw himself into the bed of the truck. A split second later, Kalo already landed in a heap beside him. Holy crap, this guy is fast, Adrian thought, but there was no time to waste. He turned around, leaned out, and stuck out a hand to pull Scarlet in. He just caught a clash between a pale blue light and a red light from the corner of his eye, but he was too caught up in the moment getting Scarlet to safety to pay it much attention.

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