"Or I make them safe."

"I'm aware of our deal, Eugerd." Elizabeth scowled at the janitor and sighed, sitting in her desk chair and twirling around in it in agitation.

"I had thought up until now that the security measures i had in place were adequate but it seems that Peter's figured out how to use his abilities... more directly. Surprising, for a novice." She eyed Eugerd.

"Either way, I'll reset the barriers and have Professor Portly set a mind-wipe spell for the students and bystanders. Professor Bees will review our security and make sure it is... upgraded. Unfortunately, I'm going to be a bit busy getting back my stolen property." She indicated her trashed office and the missing book.

"You watch the students and the school very closely, Eugerd. This behavior is unlike Mr Rand. Portly mentioned morphine was involved. Anything to add?"

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