A Little Visit


He always knew it would come to this, but he didn't expect to have to intervene so early but knowing his son, he shouldn't have been surprised.

Silas Black stood at the entrance of the school, and the usual jovial, if not roguish expression on his face was nowhere to be seen. His mouth was warped into a slight, yet imposing frown and his hat was tilted forward in a way so that his eyes where completely concealed by shadows.

His steps were at a brisk pace, but his stride was one of swagger and cold calculation. He snapped left and right, practically darting through the halls but never losing his composure. The door to the office swung open, and Silas entered, hands curtly placed behind his back. Once he entered, the door swung shut on his own.

There he stood, the illustrious Silas Blacke. His title was known by many and most, but it seemed he had a dark side. In certain circles, it was known that perhaps he, and the entire family was associated with black magic, the name was just a happy coincidence. Of course, the Blackes and Cranes had little history, and the history they did have was rather grim. Still, Silas was a businessman, so familial grudges would have to wait.

"Good afternoon, Crane. I've come to pay you a little visit" Silas said, tilting his head to the side and smiling finally.

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