When Yulz suddenly came into view, everything shifted into a darker light for Scarlet. Until then it'd all been fun and games, but the reality of their situation was slowly starting to creep up on her, despite her means to fight it. Nevertheless, she just shook it off and kept her jolly smile as she always did.

"Sorry if i used up a lot of my power summoning an army of hellhounds, blasting half of the school into oblivion and dodging fucking lasers and machineguns. This shit isn't as easy as it looks, you know. We aren't all born with powers Mr. fire demon."

Those words made Scarlet halter in mid-soda-sipping. If her emotions were still blank about everything that happened today, perhaps she would have missed it, but considering she was starting to actually question things now, she didn't.

Scarlet stood up in unison with the others. A strange, yet familiar motion tickling her arm, made her halt and pull up her sleeve slowly. There, on her skin, little bird feathers were starting to grow. She was changing uncontrollably again, her powers taking control of her like they did so often.

She groaned. According to past experience, Scarlet had a couple of minutes before she changed into some small, insignificant animal. The uncontrolled process was always so much slower than the controlled, which gave her time to stay behind and ask Peter a question.

She hid her arm from all sight again, feeling the feathers spread up her elbow already. "Hey, Peter?" She said, watching the others climb into the car. "You said something earlier... I can't really remember exactly that well, but it sounded almost as if you were saying that you weren't born a witch. Is that possible? Can anyone learn how to be magic?"

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