Adrian strategizes

Adrian looked pensive, and it took a moment for him to reply. "I don't know," he said. "Trust is a big word, I suppose. I wouldn't blindly follow him into a proverbial dark alley, that's for sure." He glanced back toward the house. "But I do think he's telling the truth, though possibly for his own gain. If he'd have been telling us to rise up and attack the staff or something, I wouldn't even consider it. But the gist of what we agreed to is just being careful." He looked Kalo in the eye with a strangely stern expression. "Best case scenario, we are vigilant all day and nothing happens. Worst case scenario, we don't pay attention and hell breaks loose the moment we set foot in the school. Being quiet and careful is our best option either way. I don't need to trust Peter for that."

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